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You're cut off from your Feminine Power.

Before I say anything else, please, please take this to heart: Being cut off from your Feminine Power is not a value judgment. It’s not something you’ve failed at, or yet another thing to feel bad, guilty or ashamed about. Ok?

In fact, being cut off from your Feminine Power is the reality for most women today. It couldn’t be any other way, because the world that we live in is entirely dominated by the masculine principle.

That’s not the same as saying it’s dominated by men. At least in what we refer to as the West, feminism has come a long way when it comes to gender equality.

Unfortunately, it’s also come a long way when it comes to cutting women off from their femininity, because back when feminism was rampant — and much needed!to be treated as an equal in a world dominated by the masculine principle, you had to become… A man. At least energetically.

To keep up and compete, you had to learn how to do things in a masculine way, which, though still revered and favored by our society, is entirely un-Natural to you as a woman. And not just un-Natural. It’s toxic, harmful, exhausting, and counterproductive.

The good news is that you already have everything you need to re-claim your Feminine Power within you – and with that, the peace, freedom, joy, ease, creativity and abundance you yearn for and so deeply deserve.

In chapter 4 of The Feminine Mystery, you’ll find the three keys that will unlock your Natural way of Being and begin to activate your Feminine Power. Chapters 8, 9, and 12 will help you make some real, tangible changes to quickly and effectively shift your energy and transform your Life.


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