YOur score reveals:

You're making Life harder than it needs to be.

Ok, here’s the thing: Life is designed to come with its own set of challenging, unpleasant and painful experiences that were purposefully placed there to help you grow and evolve into whom you were always meant to be. And that’s enough. Stop making it harder than it needs to be.

I’m saying this bluntly, because your score on this quiz tells me you’re already aware that the ways in which you’re currently choosing to function in life aren’t optimal. You know that your way of living is exhausting you, stressing you out, harming your heath, and affecting relationships with your loved ones.

You also at least sense that you have the power to change all that. That you’re not really just a powerless victim of your circumstances, even if it’s a role you sometimes like to play. That “this is just how it is” is not the only option available to you.

But what I also acknowledge is that what you might not know is how to change the things that you know aren’t working for you — and that’s not your fault. You, like most women, are too entrenched in the external, masculine-dominated world, to be able to see the possibilities beyond it.

This external reality is making in seem like your options are limited, like you have to stick to all sorts of rigid structures, routines, and to-do lists if you want to succeed, or even just stay afloat and keep breathing.

The good news is, that’s an illusion. That sense of yours, telling you there has to be a different way to do Life? It’s spot on.

And the good news? You may not see it yet, but your result indicates you’ve actually already done quite a lot of work in terms of unlocking your Feminine Power. You’re almost there.

Check out chapter 5 of The Feminine Mystery, which will tell you why the things you’ve tried so far have failed to make your life easier. Also, chapter 11 will reveal the world’s best-kept secret that unleashes your Feminine Power instantly, and puts you into a state of flow that you were always meant to function from.


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