YOur score reveals:

You're standing in your full 
Feminine Power.

Congratulations! Only a few centuries ago, women like you were burned on stakes. How is that a reason to celebrate? — you might ask. Well, at that time, the kind of innate Feminine Power you possess was considered dangerous. Right now, it’s just what the world needs.

Fortunately, we no longer burn women for being who they are. But our collective unconscious memories can still make us feel that it’s unsafe to exhibit our true power publicly. And using it consciously and deliberately to manifest your deepest desires? Here’s the witch label for you!

The question is — can you wear it proudly now, knowing it’s just a reflection of other people’s fears and feelings of inadequacy? Because at the same time, it’s a symbol and a recognition of your Magnetic Feminine Magic. That Magic that makes anything possible for you. The results of this quiz confirm it.

Meaning that the only thing that might still be standing between you and seeing the results of some serious real-Life Magic is the subconscious programing that doesn’t allow you to show up fully and allow yourself to bee seen for who you truly are.

You know what? Enough. Stop hiding. The world needs you. And your Magic. Because at that higher level of Self, the one that sees beyond your very human fears and limitations, I know you already Know this: There aren’t so many women like you on this planet right now.

Which only means one thing: You’re here now to get over yourself, step up, and lead the way for other women to be able to follow.

If you don’t feel ready to do that, it’s an indication that there is something deep that you need to work through. Chapter 7 in The Feminine Mystery will help you do that, along with the exercises in the Divine Feminine Playbook that comes with it. Also, if there’s any ritual in chapter 12 you’re not yet doing, make it your regular practice.

In no time, you’ll see yourself emerge as the Empowered Feminine leader that you’re truly meant to be.


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