Hey, I'm Aja

and here's what I believe:

I believe our Dreams reveal the reason we’re here on this Earth right now, because I also believe there are no coincidences, and Nature doesn’t make mistakes:

You would not have a Dream if you weren’t meant to experience it.

Nor would you have that Dream if it wasn’t important. Not just for you, but for the greatest good of all.

I believe it’s your sacred duty to see that your Dream comes to Life, because I believe we’re all here to cooperate and actively co-create the world we wish to live in.

I believe in Magic, because I’ve experienced it countless times. Indeed, I believe that everything about our existence is Magic, we just have to choose to perceive it as such.

Therefore, I believe each one of us if filled with Magic, and we all have the power to use this innate Magic to create the Life we Dream of.

I also believe that the key to every ailment, every difficulty and every conflict that’s currently pestering humanity is a result of us turning away from the Wisdom of Nature and all those that came before us.

I believe that our bodies are magnificent creations, possessing a Knowing that far exceeds the capacities of our rational minds, and they know how to heal, regenerate and rejuvenate as long as we provide the conditions for it and remove the interferences.

I believe that when you return to simplicity, you heal, and you find your Self again.

I believe we carry infinite wisdom inside of us. We’re all brilliant in our own unique way.

And I believe that when you choose to live your Life as an Untamed expression of All that You Are, you create a better world for all us to live in.

That’s WHY I do what I do.
It’s why I show up, every day, with the intention to Be who I AM.
Because I believe it creates the world I wish to live in.

“You wouldn't have a Dream if you weren't mean to experience it.”

Untamed Love,

You know the feeling of an electrifying conversation with someone you deeply resonate with, and the Magic that happens as a consequence?

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