Are you out of tune with the Rhythms of Nature?

Realign yourself & make this the best spring of your Life! 

You've already been given everything you need to make all of your Dreams come true.

There is only one thing standing in your way: YOU.

It's time to break the wicked Cycle, and step into your own.

Are you ready?

What's in season:


You, Untamed - SPRING 2024 EDITION:
Spring Rebirth
Harness the Potency of Spring and the Wisdom of Natural Rhythms to create the Life you were meant for.


The doors are currently open. If you’re ready to spread your wings and soar, the world and I are ready for you.

Stop spinning in circles...

Here's an interesting question for you...

What if everything you though you knew was a lie?

And what if all the lies you've bought into are now preventing you from living the Dream?

How would your Life change if you finally broke free from everything that's been keeping you stuck and small?

Would you like to find out?

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Falling Away

The Magic of an Idle Summer

Your Dream is your Dharma—the unique, sacred duty you came here to this Earth with.
That we all came here with.
Yes, you too.

It’s the essence of who you are, the big, bright, joyous Vision of a Life you were destined to Live, the way in which you are meant to change this world for the better.

It’s not a mistake, nor a coincidence—you have it because you are meant to experience it.
All of it. That’s the real point of it all.

And if you feel like you don’t have it…
That just means you’ve been lied to, deceived into forgetting; you’ve been tamed.
And now, my Dear, the time has come to get Untamed.

 It’s time to start living the Dream.

You wouldn’t be here
right now
if it weren’t
for your Dream.

Hey, I'm Yaya -

and I have a Dream.

I Dream of a world intentionally created by well-meaning, kind people.

A world in which we’re empowered and inspired to be exactly as we are, aware of the gift we bring to this world by choosing not to be as all the rest.

A world in which we follow our hearts courageously, and walk around with smiles on our faces and sparks in our eyes.

In which we live healthily and joyfully; in peace and in harmony with Nature, connected to All There Is, and to one another.

Where we understand that cooperation is the highest form of Love. That each and every one of us is infinitely powerful, and that, when we stand together, there is nothing that we cannot change.

It’s the world we want our children to grow up in.

A world in which no Dreamer is tamed.

I know it's not a Dream for the Cynical.

I don't care.

I care about courageous Dreamers who carry their hearts on their sleeves, who stand up for what they believe, and actively co-create a better world for all of us.

I care about You.

If you’re one of those tamed Dreamers, sitting on your infinite potential because you’ve been fooled into believing your Dream didn’t matter…

I've got you.

I've created a beautiful guided Journey for you to clarify your Vision, rediscover your Mission, and start living a Live filled with Purpose:

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